Thursday, May 31, 2012

All hail the QUEEN...

These days most of you are used to seeing Queen Latifah on the big screen, hearing her voice overs, or seeing her Cover Girl ads so much that you forget why we love her so.....well, I feel the same way! It wasn't until I was blessed with the opportunity to do her makeup for a performance. Thank God for favor, because I was front and center to watch the entire thing!! She did everything from 'Unity' to 'Ladies First' to 'Come Into My House' to so much more, and I was in awe! To think I grew up listening to her music, and here I am now having just finished her makeup watching her perform....words can't describe how thankful and hype I was all at the same time!!
Once the makeup was on, I was in straight fan mode singing along. She is an amazing performer, and her unique voice is like no other. Here are a few shots from that night. She wanted a smoky eye, and pretty much a look that would pop from the stage. It had to be heavier than usual so I went in deeper with the highlight and contour. I have since downloaded all of her music, new and old!! I can't wait to work with her again! xo

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