Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stacey Dash goes MOD...

Stacey and I always do a natural look on her, but this occasion required a little something special! Stacey's longtime friend, Martyn Bullard, just happens to be LA's top interior designer and host of Bravo's hit show, Million Dollar Decorators. Who better to makeover Stacey's home but someone who knows her best?? This episode was Stacey's first time seeing her home in weeks....they've been working on the design day and comes the big reveal! She was in for a surprise, and she wanted to look fabulous as the unveiling took place. The dress she chose was very 60's inspired, but still very modern, so we decided to go with a MOD look for the makeup! Winged out liner, pale pink lips, and hair to match. Check out some of the shots I took behind the scenes to get an idea.

I couldn't take too many pics because the show has yet to air, but I will say that Martyn Bullard is super talented and his client's have named him LA's top designer for a reason. Stacey's home looked beautiful and it suits her style perfectly! Keep watching Bravo to see it for yourself:)

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