Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nothing like living and working your dream......'s been a while since I've blogged, but I have lots to share:)

Ok, so those of you who watch "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" here is some news for you. Apparently, last season there was a guy on the show that everyone fell in love with named Jason who has a son. He was eliminated, but he is definitely not out of the race, because he is the bachelor this season.
I was able to get to meet some of his potential mates, when I did the make up and hair for the lucky ladies to look beautiful for the infamous "rose ceremony". It was very top secret, and I can't reveal anything about them until January, except they were some of the sweetest, most down to earth women ever! Stay tuned on ABC!

On October 22, 2008, Manuel and I did it again!! We successfully completed our 3rd Annual Artist Appreciation Night. This time we partnered with Art Share LA to raise money for the non-profit, and its various art programs. The night was filled with great music, great drinks, great food, and creative people.

Several expressions of artistic talent took place at the same time which included a live photoshoot with make-up art, live art on canvas, body art, body paint and a live band with DJ. This year’s featured artists included celebrity make-up artists' CC Moten and myself of Lollipop Artistry's. Fashion Stylist, Chris Jovan along with visual artists Jason Lee (Subrage Art), Nick Miller (The Gusz), Santiago Heredia (Roborganiz) and Michael Norice (Byn Customs). Fashion designers Tina Summers (Cowgirl Heaven), Cheryl Koo (The Other Duck), Kafka (Reset Couture), and of course Manuel Jackson (Ekqualyte). We also featured art from Louis (age 2) and Kane Vitale (age 3), their mother started an organization called Angelboy Art to help children with special needs express themselves through art. Her son Louis has a rare condition called arthrogryposis, and painting is a form of exercise for him. For more information about this organization visit

The night was definitely one to remember. We raised close to $500 in a matter of 3 hours, and everyone had a good time. Please check out the pictures below, and for more information on how to be involved next year! Special thanks to Tiffani, Mahogany, Jamie, Sky, Bianca, Houstina, Chris Jovan, and Erica Sanae:) Also, much love to Glitterati Magazine, Honest Tea, and all the photographers who attended.

Photo shoot for Fashionberry Magazine was a success on October 27, 2008. The designer Eva Davore had great pieces, and the model was fantastic. Shot by Naoe.....behind the scenes soon to come!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tai has been keeping BUSY...

Some of what I've been doing the last few months....

Behind the scenes at this MTV taping with Danity Kane and Day 26. Every time you saw the Making The Band intro this season, I did the make up for Day 26. They are all very cool, and yes ladies I put lotion on Wil:)

Just last week, I did make up for an event hosted by Kirstie Alley at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood. It was a 1960's Pop theme.....very "Twiggy" inspired. (see model below)

I did make up for the new Snoop Dogg video "Those Gurlz" (the girl with the headphones for sure:)

Behind the scenes at the Illa J video shoot. It was much respect on the set for late producer J Dilla's little bro. This was the lead girl in the was a lot of fun.

Tiffani (one of the best hairstylist in LA) preps Jennifer's hair for her close up.

Please pick up the November issue of VIBE, with Sharon Leal featured as the Vibe Vixen. She is in the new movie coming out called Soul Men, with the late Bernie Mac:( Take a look behind the scenes as celebrity hairstylist Neeko perfects that mane.

It was a 1950's inspired pin up type shoot. She looked amazing! I got her this original Vintage one piece swimsuit. Look out Gidget!


Keep your eyes peeled for the new Fall/ Winter Sean John campaign, featuring Terrence J, from 106 and Park. I did his grooming as well as some of the other models.

Manuel and I just started working with R&B artist Ron Patterson as his new style team. Be sure to check him out!

You think you know, but you have NO idea....

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been into fashion. I made my first garment at the age of 5, out of a sock, so my Barbie could have a 2 piece outfit. I was either very creative or too busy trying to get Ken's attention. Needless to say, I have been an artsy individual ever since, and people began to take notice...
I used get my hair done at Headliners in Houston, TX, home and salon of the infamous Destiny's Child. My mom had been going for years, and she finally took me when I was 17. After about 6 months of going, Tina Knowles pulled my mom aside and told her that she liked how I dressed, and she wanted me to help put some outfits together for Beyonce' and Solange. At that time, Beyonce' was doing local shows and everything was just about to happen for Destiny's Child. So, I would just pick out clothes for them, and Matthew (their dad) would come and pick them up. I even helped dress Bushwick Bill, formerly of the Gheto Boys, for one of his concerts...He was a hard one to cuff pants for I tell ya:) Once those experiences gave me a head start, I was hooked on fashion, style, and everything in between.
Soon after my 19th birthday, I entered a Fashion Designer contest that was advertised in a Today's Black Woman magazine. Once I made it through the audition process, I was excited, and couldn't wait to create. I went and picked out fabric, designed 4 garments, had them made (Lord knows I couldn't sew), and flew 2 models and myself to New Jersey for the show. I did their make up, my aunt did their hair, and we made it happen. I didn't win the contest, but the experience alone was one that I will never forget. Who knew this was just practice, for what I would later get paid to do for my clients in the industry....
Once I knew what I wanted to do in life, I moved to Los Angeles to make my dreams a reality. Starting out at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, I quickly realized I hated the actual "process" of making a garment from start to finish. I was more an end result, let's work with what we've got, as long as it looks good type of gal......and I've been doing what I love ever since. I've worked on television shows, movies, music videos, various photo shoots, and many celebrities from Hilary Duff to Hill Harper (see resume)...Doing make up, wardrobe, and image consulting, I consider myself a "style artist", and I couldn't have been more blessed in my life.
Now it's almost 2009, and I am actually married to a fashion designer (go figure), we have a beautiful 1 year old son, and creatively our jobs never stop. This blog is going to keep anyone interested in fashion, beauty, art, and real life up to date on what's going on with the Jackson family. You'll get to see and hear a lot of behind the scenes action, browse photos, go on the red carpet with us, meet our celebrity friends, and more........stay tuned:) In the meantime, check us out and