Sunday, December 2, 2012

Eye Love Eyeliner....

You ever wonder how to get that cat eye look with your liner?? Well, the key is a steady hand to start with, a nice liquid or creme liner, and a flat eyeliner brush. You keep the eye shadow to a minimum if any at all when wearing this look. Too much eye shadow won't allow the line to show up.
Line looks more even when eye is completely open.
Line has more of an angle when the lid is down

You have to draw the line at an angle outside of the eye first, then go back in and connect the liner from the inner corner of the lid. It may look crooked at first, but once you connect it, it will all come together. I recommend you use Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner and BH Fine Eyeliner Brush.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Color your holiday...

Inspiration in make up can come from anywhere. What I love about my fashionista clients like Simone Smith, is that they get inspired by their wardrobe. When we discussed her look for her SIS Jewelry Trunk Show at Bloomingdale's, she immediately wanted me to see her green blazer. I love color, but I am NOT a fan of matching your make up with your clothes. I will, however, think of a creative way to compliment your pop of color. Take a look at what we decided to do with her eyes...

I took MAC Artjam Paint and applied it to her lids first. I then took MAC eye shadow in Sketch and placed it on the lid with Bronze eye shadow on top. Blackberry in the crease. I applied Tarnish Green eyeliner under her bottom lashes, then coated the line with YSL Green Shimmer Eye Shadow. Stila Kajal Liner was heavily applied in her water line. To keep her look as natural as she likes, she has on no foundation, no lashes, and no top liner. We finished the look with Bronzer on her cheeks and YSL Rouge Pur Couture #5 with MAC Plum Lip Liner on her lips.

This can be a great look for a holiday party with any black, gold, beige or emerald green dress! Enjoy! xo