Saturday, January 21, 2012


Ok, so this little compact is the new love of my life! A make up artist friend of mine, Tiffani Banks, turned me on to it. After her bride in humid New Orleans stayed flawless and matte on her wedding day, I was sold!! It's the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender by Mally Beauty. You all know Mally Roncal, the make up artist to stars such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez?? If you don't, you should! She is a make up artist that I like because her looks are always clean. Anyway, this is a perfect way to stop shine for anyone. It's great on set for touch ups, bald heads, and guys who don't want to wear make up, and all my clients got one for Christmas for those red carpet touch-ups when I'm not around:) It's only $40, and you can get if for a little less on QVC. I got mine from This item is a must have!!

Your "Premier Face"

PREMIER: Coming before all others in time or order; leading, beginning...

That's the definition of premier, and your "premier face" is just the beginning of your make up regimen. This is the look you must perfect for yourself before you begin to build up and experiment with all the make up out there. My "less is more" approach when it comes to make up stems from the idea of the premier face. Make up should be just enhancing your natural beauty on a day to day basis. Stage, movie, editorial, and red carpet make up is more intense, and not for everybody. When doing your premier face, the key things to remember to focus on are the brows, the skin, and the placement of the products you use. Ultimately, you want people to see you and say "you look pretty" vs. "your make up is pretty"...then the make up becomes a mask that you hide behind, and you don't feel beautiful without it.

In this photo, the model is ready for her close up using the most basic tools, and minimal products to create her look. To find out more details on how to achieve this polished look, or to create your own premier face, keep an eye out for my tell all book...coming soon!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's underneath??

I'm always asked what products I use underneath the make up. I have faithfully used the same products for quite some time now. Once I've observed how something wears, and photographs...if the make up stays the same, I'm hooked! On a clean face, I apply the Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion. It hydrates the skin without leaving it heavy or oily. I like how the texture of the skin changes once it's on.

Once I've let the moisturizer dry, I apply a serum. Eve Lom Intense Firming Serum is the best thing since sliced bread. I stumbled upon this product while freelancing at Barneys. I was looking for something that protected and firmed the skin, but didn't affect the make up while it's ingredients were actively working...and I did! I put this all over the face with my fingertips, and go right in with foundation--almost mixing the two. The skin smoothes out's lovely!

Music to love...

This past week I had the pleasure of working on a project with my beautiful friend/client, Korrina Rico. Korrina was the lead in a music video for the song "Valentine", by Canadian rapper King Klutch. The video was directed by the talented Tony Swansey, and his crew was on point! I titled this blog music to love, because this song wasn't a typical rap song, it reminded me of LL Cool J's, "I Need Love". It was a song for a special lady, and that's missing in today's music. Klutch's rap style is unique, and he was an all around nice guy:)

Korrina was supposed to be just waking up, so the make up used here was pretty simple. I used the Smashbox Artificial Light in the lighter color all over her face, and I contoured and highlighted her face by using YSL #2 and #3 as her foundation. I set with a little loose powder thru her T-Zone, and added bronzer and mascara. Lip balm was used for the lip for a natural shine.

The director wanted to keep Korrina as dreamy and as natural as possible, so we kept her make up pretty soft up until the final scenes. I lined her eye with the YSL waterproof black pencil, and added more bronzer with a corner lash to finish the look. Her eyes are intense, so it doesn't take much to add drama.

All in all, the day was super fun and everyone on set was amazing to work with. As you can see, Korrina had many costume changes...check her out below rockin' out. Go Korrina!! I will post the video once it's available...I hope you enjoyed the peek behind the scenes:)

Loving Koh Gen Do...

My foundation of choice for the past year has been the Koh Gen Do's Maifanshi Moisture Foundation. It's a 3D Real Skin High Def Foundation that goes on smooth, has medium to full coverage, and it's long lasting. Even though they have roughly only 10 colors, the colors that they have cover a wide array of skin tones, and can be easily mixed! At $62 a tube, a dab will do you...don't squeeze out too much:)

To balance out redness in the skin or to brighten a dull concealer. This correcting primer is one to try. I sometimes mix it with the YSL #4 Touche Eclat to create a beautiful tawny color that I use as a light foundation if needed.

The Spa Cleansing Water Cloths is a great way to prep your client's skin before applying anything. The small microfibers in the cloth really clean out what sometimes hides in pores. It leaves the skin primed and ready to go.

Give these products a try for yourself or the next time you're on set, and you will fall in love as well! Thanks to the PR team at Koh Gen Do for keeping my kit stocked!

If looks could kill...

Boy o boy, the day of the 'Joyful Noise' premiere was crazy! I had so many clients to do, and right before Vivica's appointment, my car was towed in Hollywood (long story). Anyway, I made it to her with just 35 minutes to get her ready...and the outcome was gorgeous! She glowed on the red carpet, and obviously the press thought so, because they took a million pictures of her. If they only knew, lol! Her look was simple, but this time I used a new component to my process. Vivica's east coast make up artist, Elena George, uses the Smashbox Artificial Light in the deeper color under foundation. So I did just that, and applied my favorite Koh Gen Do foundation right on top. I used YSL Touche Eclat #3 under Vivica's eyes to brighten, with Bobbi Brown stick concealer in #6 blended out. On her eyes, I used MAC Artjam Paint with the YSL #1 Chromatics Palette blended into a light smokey eye. We used our favorite Stila black eye liner in the water line, and Kevin Aucoin's nude lip pencil was her lip color with Chanel gloss #41 over it! Way to sparkle Viv!