Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Music to love...

This past week I had the pleasure of working on a project with my beautiful friend/client, Korrina Rico. Korrina was the lead in a music video for the song "Valentine", by Canadian rapper King Klutch. The video was directed by the talented Tony Swansey, and his crew was on point! I titled this blog music to love, because this song wasn't a typical rap song, it reminded me of LL Cool J's, "I Need Love". It was a song for a special lady, and that's missing in today's music. Klutch's rap style is unique, and he was an all around nice guy:)

Korrina was supposed to be just waking up, so the make up used here was pretty simple. I used the Smashbox Artificial Light in the lighter color all over her face, and I contoured and highlighted her face by using YSL #2 and #3 as her foundation. I set with a little loose powder thru her T-Zone, and added bronzer and mascara. Lip balm was used for the lip for a natural shine.

The director wanted to keep Korrina as dreamy and as natural as possible, so we kept her make up pretty soft up until the final scenes. I lined her eye with the YSL waterproof black pencil, and added more bronzer with a corner lash to finish the look. Her eyes are intense, so it doesn't take much to add drama.

All in all, the day was super fun and everyone on set was amazing to work with. As you can see, Korrina had many costume changes...check her out below rockin' out. Go Korrina!! I will post the video once it's available...I hope you enjoyed the peek behind the scenes:)

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