Saturday, January 21, 2012

Your "Premier Face"

PREMIER: Coming before all others in time or order; leading, beginning...

That's the definition of premier, and your "premier face" is just the beginning of your make up regimen. This is the look you must perfect for yourself before you begin to build up and experiment with all the make up out there. My "less is more" approach when it comes to make up stems from the idea of the premier face. Make up should be just enhancing your natural beauty on a day to day basis. Stage, movie, editorial, and red carpet make up is more intense, and not for everybody. When doing your premier face, the key things to remember to focus on are the brows, the skin, and the placement of the products you use. Ultimately, you want people to see you and say "you look pretty" vs. "your make up is pretty"...then the make up becomes a mask that you hide behind, and you don't feel beautiful without it.

In this photo, the model is ready for her close up using the most basic tools, and minimal products to create her look. To find out more details on how to achieve this polished look, or to create your own premier face, keep an eye out for my tell all book...coming soon!!

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