Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pompadour...holiday style!

Here's my take on how to rock a pompadour this holiday season. Check out Yahoo's OMG! take on the trendy style and the celebs who rock it the best! Click the link to read the article and see my mention:)


You can do a small one with a ponytail to keep it simple and classic. The higher the pomp, the bolder you're feeling!
You can do it with short hair and spike it upward. The key to this type of look and the one below is strong holding hairspray. I recommend you do this type of style if you plan on washing your hair the next day, because it will have lots of product in it. Good luck!
Although, I'm not a hairstylist by trade...I can do hair for the moment of magic! I hope you enjoyed the few pompadour inspired styles I've done! xo

A day in the life...

I have been truly blessed to work in the field that I love with such amazing clients. I love what I do, so it's never really like work to me. Here is quick look at my week with Vivica Fox. We start out working on her new TV show "Mr. Box Office" where she plays a hot and spicy teacher. I like to keep her make up look conservative for the show. Not too much shimmer or trendy make up because it wouldn't read well on camera anyway. We always pop up her lip, because that brightens her face when the rest of her look is more calm in color.
 Here is a look we did for the episode about school uniforms. The red lip added just enough to finish pretty!

 If I'm not shooting and working on the show, Vivica has me travel with her when she's promoting that show and any other projects she may be working on. Here she is backstage at KTLA getting ready to talk about "Prank My Mom" her new show on Lifetime, as well as "Mr. Box Office". As you can see, the look I gave her here is more fresh faced and clean.

Thankfully, I have a full plate...and my schedule changes week to week. I never know who I'll be working with or for what until the day of sometimes. There is not much down time, but when there is I can blog, and write, and shop for the newest products that make my clients look and feel their best! 

Simone Smith style...

My client Simone has amazing skin! So amazing, that I only do her eyes when she has me do her make up. I also put a little YSL #2 Bronzer on her to give her a nice glow, but that is it! She is simple when it comes to her beauty regimen, but she knows what she wants. Here are a few looks that we've done that has her stealing the show without a full face of make up on. Remember my motto...Less is More!
Here we did a nice natural eye, but it was a bit smokier in the outer corners. I lined her water line with Stila Kajal Eye Liner for an added edge, but her lip was Bobby Brown's Rich Color Gloss in Melon 2 (as seen below in the orange jacket)
For this look, we kept the eyes very natural since we knew we were going to pop the lip. On her eyes I used my favorite YSL palette with the gold, and MAC Coquette in the crease with a little Arena for warmth. Her lip was a combination of Jordana Lipstick in Rasberry and YSL #2 Golden Gloss on top.
On this day, she wanted to keep it in the pink family so I did a natural eye using MAC Expensive Pink eye shadow, Blackberry in her crease, Brown Down under her lash line, and MAC Prrr Lip gloss.
The way she wears her make up is a true testament to natural beauty, and the fact that you don't have to do a whole lot with your face to make a statement. Just enhancing those features that you want to "pop" is a great way to look polished and pretty without putting a million things on. Way to go Simone! xo

Rich Texas Beauty...

Vivica Fox was asked to host the Big Rich Texas reunion show....I can't give too many details, but here is a peek at her behind the scene Southern style glam!

If she looks the same on the monitor as she does in person, then I've done my job well. Stay tuned for the show to air soon. Check your local listings! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blush anyone ...

Choosing a blush can be difficult, especially when there is a million shades to choose from. Once your canvas is even and your foundation is in place, you need a pop of color to bring life back into your face. Lots of people think that the word blush means pink for some strange reason. Just because pink blush is available, that doesn't mean it's the only option to purchase.

I recommend you start with a warm color in the nude or peach tones, this way your blush will work with every lip and eye combo you experiment with. Pink blush goes well if you're doing a red lip, neutral eyes and winged out black liner (like we did below). All skin tones can wear a red lip too as you can see:) Good luck!

My friend Daniela Ruelas (far left) wanted every lady to rock a red pout to her bday party...and we did! xo

Rob G Rules...

Ladies, as you know I also do grooming for men on occasion for videos, TV, photo shoots, etc. Mostly all men need is lip conditioner, lotion, shine reducer, and a little TLC for their brows. Lol! It was my pleasure to receive the call to work with the very handsome, Rob G., on rebuilding his portfolio. He is a former model, talented rapper/writer, and chef to top it all off! This particular shoot was set up for him to get back in front of the camera, and from the looks of things, I'm sure he was missed! 
Keep an eye out for him and some new projects he is working on. His plate is full right now....literally as he is back in the studio, and getting ready to release a cook book that will teach all ladies some secrets to winning a man's heart. Born and raised in Compton, CA with Alabama roots, he was definitely a treat to work with...charming would be an understatement. Take a look at some of my behind the scenes shots.
Working with guys is always an easy breezy day, and it's always funny seeing them react to everything I "attempt" to put on their face. Thankfully Rob had nice skin:) Good luck to you sir, and ladies stay tuned! 

Smoking isn't all bad....

Smoking as in, smoking out your eyes for a gorgeous evening look! If you have an event to go to and your outfit is simple, do more with your face. Bring attention to your eyes by taking colors like grey, dark brown, dark green, navy or black to the lid first. Using a blending brush, blend a neutral tone eye shadow like a peach or light taupe through your crease so the edges of the dark color aren't so harsh. Then take a kohl liner (my favorite is Stila's Kajal), and line your water line and on top for smudge ability. Take an angle brush and reapply some of your dark smoky color under your bottom lash line for a more dramatic effect.

You can do mascara for 10 minutes each eye or just pop on a pair of lashes to really bring the drama. When doing a smoky eye, keep your blush neutral like bronze or flesh tone. Your lips should be neutral too. I used YSL #4 Rouge Volupte, MAC Plum Liner, and Milani 'Puttin on the Glitz' lipgloss. Good luck!