Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pompadour...holiday style!

Here's my take on how to rock a pompadour this holiday season. Check out Yahoo's OMG! take on the trendy style and the celebs who rock it the best! Click the link to read the article and see my mention:)


You can do a small one with a ponytail to keep it simple and classic. The higher the pomp, the bolder you're feeling!
You can do it with short hair and spike it upward. The key to this type of look and the one below is strong holding hairspray. I recommend you do this type of style if you plan on washing your hair the next day, because it will have lots of product in it. Good luck!
Although, I'm not a hairstylist by trade...I can do hair for the moment of magic! I hope you enjoyed the few pompadour inspired styles I've done! xo

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