Friday, July 2, 2010

TLC's own Chilli...amazing!

I often get last minute calls to do make up for various award shows, celebrity events, movie name it! This happened just recently for the BET Awards. The beautiful Rozonda Thomas aka "Chilli" needed my services. Her regular make up artist Day was already super busy, so they reached out to me:) Many thanks to her team, because Chilli was a pleasure to work with!

I was glad I got the opportunity, especially after being a fan of TLC for so many years! Chilli was so down to earth, sweet, funny, and simply flawless. We exchanged skincare tips, but her main thing was drinking lots of water. Her make up regime is very natural, and she knows exactly what she wants. Trust me, after seeing her skin in person, I drank about 4 extra glasses than normal that evening:)