Sunday, June 10, 2012 a dash:)

Stacey Dash is keeping herself busy these days, so that means I am too! Here's a quick look at what she's doing...We were shooting the other day and I gave her a light day makeup look that was natural and that would last all day. All I had to keep touching up was her lips and her blush as she loves color in her face. We spent most of the time outside, so the look was very fresh and dewy. Check out some behind the scenes shots of our fun day.
Check out the pants:)
Her favorite lip color right now is Chanel's Coquette. It provides her the color she needs in a sheer form, so it just looks like a natural mouth. It's a great color for the summer, with a dab of YSL Golden Gloss in the pout:) xo

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