Sunday, June 3, 2012

Face Time...

  Eboni is one of my favorite faces to do, and I've blogged about her so much, that I'm sure you already know. Lol! She just let's me go there, she sits there for an hour or more and I just paint. She hardly ever looks in the mirror because she trusts me that much. This look was one I adored and I will do it again on her for sure! We started with a clean face, that I primed with Murad's Skin Perfecting Primer. Then I started working on the brows (you know that's my thing). Once her brows were done, I covered the entire lid with concealer, then a MAC eye paint in Bamboo. I used YSL Ombre Solo in Iceberg White on her lid, and blended it out with MAC shadow colors Coquette and Swiss Chocolate. I then lined her lid with black liquid liner. I didn't use anything in her water line as to make her eye appear bigger. I smudged a little of the white eyeshadow under her bottom lashes before I applied the bottom false lash.
Once her eyes were done, I started on her skin. I took a very deep brown foundation and marked where I wanted to contour. I had already highlighted the high points of her face with a yellow based concealer, so adding the darker color was easy. I always use a blush type of brush to buff the foundation onto the skin, so the face has an airbrushed look. I then go back over my contour with powder, and add blush to the apple of the cheeks. Her lip color is MAC Pink Plaid with a plum liner.
Contour lines in place before foundation is applied.
Everything should be subtle once blended.
She is a performer naturally, so she always gives great face. This look was inspired from her wanting bottom lashes, so I went from there! Thanks for the FACE TIME Eboni:) xoxo


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    1. Thanks so much! I try not to do too much on any face, but she performs with this face so the makeup is always heavier!