Monday, May 14, 2012

Black Women Rock in St.Louis...

Beverly Bond's, Black Girls Rock, has gained much attention in the urban communities. It is a movement that brings recognition to black women doing what they do, and being amazing at it. From business owners to entertainers to phenomenal mothers...there is much respect for those women who make it happen daily! I was very excited to be back in St. Louis. I was born there, but moved to Houston when I was 5, so I still have family there that came out to support the event as well. I've actually done Beverly Bond's makeup before, and it's amazing to see how her movement is growing!
Young girls rock too!
Vivica Fox was asked to present a few awards at an event built around the black women who rock in St. Louis. This event was held at Lights On Broadway, and it wouldn't have been an STL party if Chingy didn't perform! We had such a good time, and there was so much love in the place. It's nice to see women put an event on, come together, dress nice, compliment each other, and work hard to keep that momentum going. A tornado hit this same night, but that didn't stop anyone from coming out. Chingy did his thing, new songs and old songs...we had a blast to say the least. Check out Vivica with Chingy and some of the young women from the event. Black "Women" certainly Rocked....STL style:)

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