Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DJ John Digweed...

I was booked for the most amazing shoot today. I say amazing because it's always like magic when you work with a great team on a project. True professionals came out today to shoot with popular English DJ, John Digweed. Styled by Lisa Bae, hair by Eric Sebag (Fekkai), makeup by me...photographer Carlos Armando....need I go on?? Lol! It was exciting to say the least. I was also joined by friend, and fellow make up artist, Nicole it was jokes all day. The shoot was 70s themed and we really took it there. Carlos is a very particular photographer, with a huge eye for detail. He knows the shots he wants, and he gets them! I'm not sure what the pictures will be used for, so I can only give you a sneak peek behind the scenes...

For the makeup I had to channel my inner Charlie's Angel, That 70s Show, and Donna Summer looks! I just kept it sparkly, dewy, glossy, and bold. Eric added to the "over-the-topness" (Yes, I make up words) with his dynamic big hair. We had fun with it for sure!

I had to pull out the old school MAC Glitter Gel liners for this look.
YSL #1 Rouge Pur Couture on the lips!
If you don't know already, John Digweed is more than just a DJ. He is a producer, a promoter, and record label owner. His sounds of Trance and Progressive House, pack venues just to get a listen. His demeanor is cool and laid back, but he is a beast when it comes to the music. He was an absolute pleasure to work with today. Check out and for more information on these incredible talents!

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