Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Face I Love....

I have some clients who just love to let me do whatever to their face, and Eboni is one of them! We play when it's time to get her ready....from glitter to triple lashes....there is no boundaries:) Any new techniques I learn, I practice them on her to master it.

This time we wanted smoky glamour, and we created it using Chanel's #85 cream shadow, YSL #1 Black Waterproof Eye Pencil, NARS Goddess Eye Pencil in the water line, MAC Texture Eyeshadow, and double lashes. (Demi Wispies)

She loves the nude matte lipstick pencil from NARS called Caliope to finish the look. It's the best neutral lip with any gloss on top!

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