Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Bitchin Brows"...

What a name, huh? Well, if you saw what this brow kit did to many untamed, unplucked, unruly would call it "bitchin" as well. When I first stumbled upon this product, the creator, Tammy Carraway, did MY brows with it. I was in between appointments and I had an event to go to, so I was in a I thought. I sat down and let her work her magic with a brow pencil and two concealers...minutes later, my brows looked freshly done! I was sold, and I picked up every color for my kit! Take a look at how it shapes the brow before I blend and add foundation to my client. AH-MAZING, and the price is right!! Have people asking you who does your brows everywhere you go!

*Apologies to those who don't do profanity, but please do your brows:)*

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