Monday, August 27, 2012

Head shot Makeup

I do a lot of head shot makeup because I have a very natural approach to beauty. My motto when it comes to make up is "less is more", and I stand by it:) My style of artistry is very clean and I like to make the client look like themselves, just enhanced. One of my good friends, Jahnika Blythe, is an aspiring actress and she was taking new head shots, so of course I assisted her with the make up. You also have to make sure you have a good photographer that knows how to capture the real you, since you have to look the same in person. The photographer she used was Kem West at He has great work!

Here are a few steps to a beautiful head shot makeup:

First things first, make sure those eyebrows are clean and groomed. Next you prime your skin with an oil free, matte control primer. This is great in case you shoot at different locations and you get shiny. Concealer is your best friend when doing head shot makeup, because of all the highlights and shadows in our faces, using a lighter colored concealer in the right places naturally creates depth. Next dust a light oil free pressed powder the same color as your neck over your face to create the warm tones in the face. Since it's head shots, you don't have to use eyeshadow, but if you do it must be almost the same color as your skin tone. I just take the same blush color I use to warm and add color to the face using the same blush brush, and sweeping it over the lids. Add mascara, and as far as a lip color...neutral, non-glossy is best.

The key is to look as natural as possible....too much makeup can throw off the casting directors. So if you have a smokey eye or a red lip, or too much eyeliner on your current head shots (for acting)'s time to redo them:) Good luck! xo

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