Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stacey Dash IS Cleopatra...

"Life of the Party" is the title track of  the new song Stacey Dash is featured on. Ms. Dash wasted no time getting into the life of a music artist shooting the music video for her debut single either! The video was shot in Las Vegas at a natural history museum. They feature many exhibits at this particular museum, and of course ancient Greek history has to have a "Cleopatra"!

Prior to the video, Stacey was very serious about getting me the reference images I needed to get an idea of the makeup of that era. I was very excited about the project...even more excited that she was able to get the actual dress that Elizabeth Taylor wore when she portrayed Cleopatra. This was definitely a job that caused me to get creative. I teamed up with Leah G, who did her hair for the video, and we came up with a modern day version of Cleopatra using some of the same ideals without copying. It's always important as an artist to be able to emulate, but not duplicate. It was a beautiful moment in time...

Apparently, our rendition got rave reviews! The makeup took about an hour to do, and I wanted to share the entire process with you.

1. First I prepped her skin as I would normally do, but I just made sure the area around her eyes was powdered down since I was going to be applying make up outside of her lids.
2. I used a dark brown pencil to sketch out the idea I had before I went in with MAC Carbon eyeshadow to darken the look, black pencil can smear. I used the eyeshadow to fill in her brows.
3. I covered her entire lid up to her brows and the entire shape of the eye with MAC Bamboo paint so nothing would slide.
4. I then used Carbon on her lid again, just up to the point where her eye creased. I blended MAC Rule eyeshadow and  Amber Lights through her crease and up to her brow highlight,
5. I used Black creme liner to shape the outer eye, and fill in the sharp points of the eye shape. Then I set it with Carbon.
6. I contoured her with Kevin Aucoin's skin enhancing foundation in SX16. I highlighted her with MAC C4 studio fix mixed with MAC Yellow loose powder. I blended the entire face with Koh Gen Do Foundation in #301.
7. I used YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #6 for a pale pink mouth. Since the eyes were doing so much, we kept the lip nude...and Stacey loves her pink:) Leah puts the finishing touches on the wig.
We had so much fun with this shoot, I had to do the same make up for 2 days of shooting...so I was challenged for sure. It was nice to meet Emcee N.I.C.E and Blake Smith as well. Stay tuned for the video, the concept was cool, the song is fun, and it's sure to make you move!! xo


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