Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We love you Whitney!

I was able to work with Queen Latifah again over the weekend...and as excited as I was, it was a very bitter sweet moment. Right after I had finished her make up, she got a phone call that Whitney Houston had passed away. We were devastated and in disbelief for the first 15 minutes, then the tears started:( Being the professional that she is, Latifah was able to pull herself together and walk the red carpet and perform at the charity event. Although her heart was heavy, she sounded amazing and it made me feel stronger for even being around her. It is a fabulous life, there is glitz and glamour, but after it's all said and done...we are all human. We have emotions, we feel sad, and we pray...so we all did.

I grew up on Whitney's music, danced around my room singing her songs...the whole nine, so this was hard for me as a fan....but even harder for those that are her friends and family. We love you Whitney. May your angelic voice find it's way back to heaven and your beautiful soul rest in peace.

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