Saturday, April 28, 2012

Memphis Film Festival

Vivica Fox and I headed to Memphis one more time this year to introduce her new movie "In The Hive" directed by Robert Townsend at their Film Festival. I saw the movie before in DC at the Black Caucus, but this time it's effect on me was different. It was apparent that Mr. Townsend had made a few more edits to the film, as some of the scenes were cut which made the story's impact stronger. Vivica and I watched the movie in the theater with film students, media, and some of the Memphis elite.

Also joining us was a group of young boys aged 8-17, who were there with a non-profit organization called Stain Your Brain. This is a prison deterrent program, giving youth the opportunity to do more with themselves than turn to street life. I felt it was wise to have this group there, since the film's content was something I felt they needed to see.

After the film, there was a Q&A session with the audience which led to the main question of why the film has not been released yet. Unfortunately, there is not always the proper funding to get the content that should be seen, out there. Either way, I stand behind this film and support it's message. Please keep an eye out for "In The Hive" in the near future!

Here is Vivica with the founder of Stain Your Brain, Andrew, and a few of the young men in the program.

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