Friday, April 27, 2012

Healthy Hair Care Event.....LA

I was invited to be a guest speaker at my friend Vanessa Beard's, "Healthy Haircare Kick Back Event". There were vendors there with hand made jewelry, custom clothing, and all natural skin and hair products made right in the kitchen. I was excited to be there because with everything that I am working on, it's good to share techniques with regular everyday women who want to look fabulous as well! My main concern with ANY woman is her brows, so I spent this day giving mini brow lessons and makeovers. The ladies were so eager to get the lesson that they formed a line. Eyebrows is serious business better ask somebody! Lol!

There are three basic steps to the perfect brow....These three C's will guide you to the brow look you desire.

CLEAN: First you groom your brows to the desired shape. If you've never had your eyebrows done, please seek professional assistance in either tweezing, waxing, or threading them to remove the unwanted hair. If you do get your brows done, clean up the random hairs you see growing out. If you're in between appointments, the next step will be a way to make them appear clean.

CONCEAL: Brush your brows up with a mascara wand or eyebrow brush. Take an angle brush, and a concealer that's a tad lighter than your actual complexion and outline the area immediately under the brow. Blend that out to nothing, and this becomes your brow highlight. Now you can just apply shadow.

COLOR: Once you've outlined the area and highlighted under your brow, use a pencil or eye shadow the same color as your brows (or lighter) to color in your brows. Use the color to fill in brow to your desired shape, thickness, and style.

That's pretty much the basics of getting that perfect brow to frame your face. This  technique has always worked for me, and on my clients. I hope the ladies at this event took notes:)

Tools needed: Concealer, Angle Brush (MAC #266), Eyebrow brush, Tweezers, and an eyeshadow color the same color as your brows or a pencil.

The ladies who attended the event put their names in a raffle to win a free makeover from yours truly! Here I am pictured below with the winner, the lovely Ms. Brittney Page. Stay tuned to see her transformation!! Thanks Vanessa for the opportunity to be apart of your fabulous event! xoxo

*All photography from this event for me was done by Jasmine Mercedes of The Beaux Art Collective.

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