Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Michelle Williams........behind the scenes

I have truly been blessed my entire career, and I am always excited to work with new clients....especially Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child. It's like my life's work has come full circle, as my passion for the industry started with Beyonce' & Solange when I was only 19 yrs. old. Here are some behind the scenes shots (from my phone) of her new project, and how much fun we're having making it all come together. Shout out to the INCREDIBLE team of people on her glam squad...(she was very impressed by us all, and asked where have we been hiding:)

Michelle is a very humble, sincere, and down to earth person. Her voice is beautiful, and I can't wait to work with her again. Let's pray our show gets picked up, so you all can see what I mean!

Check out the fabulous wardrobe that was pulled for her......way to go Jason Griffin and Damein Jackson!

It's a wonderful thing in productions when all the elements line up, and priceless moments are shared. You never forget the experience!

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