Thursday, May 28, 2009

Industry Art Shops continues to grow...

I am a big fan of all things fashionable, beautiful, fabulous, and unforgettable!! So if you care like I do about who's wearing what, who's doing who's make up, and hair....then keep your eye on this new blog , from my new company Industry Art Shops. It's your sneak peak at everything behind the scenes. I am getting the info straight from the artists' mouths about your favorite celebrities.

As artists keep creating magic out there in the industry, I will keep talking about them. Stay tuned for an in depth look at Rhianna's make up and wardrobe from Kanye's new video "Paranoid".

...and I can't leave myself out. Check out one of my new pics using all Smashbox products for a campaign I'm doing for them:) (not retouched)


  1. You are the best out there.You will have a multi-million dollar business.You rock Tai.

  2. Love your stuff, girl! Your work is where it's at! Keep up up, Tai!