Tuesday, April 7, 2009

...........Oh Jazzy!!...........

Creative direction behind the "Oh Jazzy" project was an absolute success!!

I love working with musicians, especially when they have an album as hot as this one.... (I got a sneak preview at the shoot:) Jazzy has been around on the underground scene for a while, but she is vastly approaching her rise to stardom. This is a behind the scenes look at her photo shoot with photographer Tyrone of http://www.tadimages.com/, celebrity hair stylist Rai Bonner, and the dopest fashion stylist I've EVER worked with Ms. Love Collins. Way to go guys, I think she may be ready for her close up!
Have a listen...www.myspace.com/JazzJeff
Stay tuned for more with artist, singer, and songwriter---Jazzy!

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