Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Hollywood Prescription...

Skincare and cosmetic companies are constantly giving myself, and other artists I work with, new products to try. Recently I had the opportunity to try out a product called The Hollywood Prescription, the first ever serious lip regimen.

The two step system is a lip treatment different from other non-invasive enhancement options such as lip plumpers on the market today. Lip plumpers merely sting the lips using menthol or cinnamon resulting in a plumping effect that temporarily provides fuller lips. The Hollywood Prescription is the first of its kind to provide a proven lip enhancement system involving a two step process of an exfoliant and a proprietary serum.

The client I tried this product on suffers from extremely chapped lips, and she was in need of something like this. After about a week of usage, her lips were very soft and smooth. Not so much of a plump, as her lips were already full, but smooth lips make any type of lip product look better.


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