Wednesday, February 20, 2013

RX For Brown Skin...

This amazing skin care line for women with more melanin in their skin has asked Vivica Fox to be the new face of their product line. The line was developed by Dr. Susan C. Taylor, a determined dermatologist that studied at Harvard. She is first woman of color to have a skin care line for women of color.
Here is a snippet from an article I found online. I also have a few behind the scenes shots from Vivica's shoot with RX For Brown Skin as well as the other women who have benefited from this amazing skin care line. I wouldn't have believed it until I actually met the women , and saw their skin with my own eyes. I am a skeptic until I see results...and this line definitely improves many types of skin concerns. Vivica's skin was beautiful when I met her, but since she began using RX for Brown Skin, her skin has become more vibrant and more even toned. I am about to start using a few of the products myself.

The First Skincare Line by A Woman of Color, for Women of Color 

Safe for everyday use

• Bleach-Free
• Oil-Free
• Alcohol-Free
• Paraben-Free
• Propylene glycol-Free
• Dye-Free
• Lanolin-Free
• No Hydroquinone

Masha and I, she is a user of the line.
Dr. Boogie and I prepping Masha for her next scene.
Shalese is a user of the line, visit the website to see her skin BEFORE.
To learn more about this skin care line, the creator or to see and hear testimonials from the women who use the products, please visit If you have any skin concerns, you should give it a try..the only thing it could do is NOT work for you:) Good luck! xo

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  1. Hello Tai! Happy New year! Thanks to Rx for Brown Skin my being my everyday beauty regimen and for you doing our makeup which was flawless on the shoot . We all looked gorgeous!

    Peace and blessings,

    Shalese Madison