Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Glam on a budget...

I use so many products because I love to try them all and give every one of them a chance to make it to my kit. I always test things on myself before I even attempt to apply new items to my existing clients. One thing I noticed while picking up some hair supplies at a local beauty supply was that KISS had a great collection of color choices. The product even had great coverage, lasting power and it was blendable. I bought a few of the colors and have definitely started using them in my kit. They even have testers so you can be sure to take home the right color. Good luck!

Here's their cream coverage which can be used to cover blemishes by spot treating, or used as a way to shape your brows as a concealer. It seemed a little too heavy for an under eye make up, but if you blend it with an eye cream or gel, it would be fine. The price is $8.99

Here's their pressed powder which can be used to set the cream make up with a powder brush. If you are very oily, then you can use the powder as your coverage all over. The price is $7.99

I found this display set up at Ebony Wig Mart on Crenshaw and Rodeo in Los Angeles. I'm sure they offer these products at most beauty supplies if not online, but online you can't try the color out before you purchase it. I will do a full face with the entire line and post the pics and exactly what I used very soon!

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