Saturday, September 15, 2012

Low cost GLAM...

I have so many women asking me which lipstick color will work best for their skin tone. I can always give a general answer, but it's always best to try ANY make up on...especially lipstick! Spending money on cosmetics can be frustrating if you find yourself taking the wrong colors home, then having to exchange or return the products.
 I always say, experiment with new lip colors sold at drugstores or beauty supplies. The cost can be anywhere from 1.99 to 8.99, but it's much cheaper to by five or six of those versus one lipstick at a department store. This way if you try it and hate it, it's not a huge loss. Not to mention, you can always mix colors, or put them with glosses to change the look.
So the next time you're out and about, pick up a few lipsticks from Jordana, Milani, or even Wet N' Wild and try them out on the town! Good luck! xo

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