Friday, September 25, 2009

Exciting blast from the past...

Okay, these last few weeks have been crazy busy for me!! I must say that my variety of clientele never ceases to amaze me. One week I'm with Flavor Flav, then on to Stacey Dash's for an event, Rodney Allen Rippy and I in a music video, Emmy attendees, but this week takes the cake!

Today I had the pleasure of working with former Ronettes singer, Nedra (Talley) Ross. I know you may not know who that is, so I have included a clip, and current picture (she's on the far right). She and her two cousins made up the group, and they were one of the biggest groups in the 60's. They even toured with The Beatles!

Just recently their group was inducted into the Rock n Roll hall of fame, which is HUGE. Unfortunately, I was working with her under not so pleasant circumstances. The producer that made them so famous was Phil Spector, who was just convicted of murder. So she was being interviewed about her memories of him for a True Crime television show that airs in 2010.

Nedra was very sweet, and it was so great to meet her....especially since I love that song! She is still just as beautiful at 63, and we laughed about how hair & make up styles repeat themselves. It just goes to show, you NEVER know who you'll meet in Hollywood. I love what I do!!

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  1. Thats Awesome Tai.I was hoping you could make it to my show debuting my new collection..More info here Bless