Saturday, September 4, 2010

Alter Ego Shoot with Derek Blanks...

There are so many talented people in this industry, and I am continuously blessed to work with the best of the best. I was actually called last minute to assist celebrity make up artist, Saisha Beecham, with one of the alter ego shoots for actor Laz Alonso. Derek Blanks is known for his creative shooting style, and Saisha is known for her spectacular artist abilities, so I was super excited to work with them both!!

The shoot took place at Box Eight Studios in Los Angeles, and we had an amazing time on set. The process of getting someone camera ready for a regular photo shoot is long, but imagine turning someone into a stone statue...That's exactly what we did. Saisha is self-taught and very knowledgeable about placement, and color selection so it seemed to be easy enough. 4 messy hours later, with clay, paint, water, and glue all over the place, we had achieved our goal. Laz went from a smooth caramel skinned Hollywood hunk, to a cracked stone cold statue (at least that's what he looked!). The skill behind that kind of a job is well thought out, so I commend Saisha for her dedication. Me being a make up artist who does more beauty work, this was definitely a fun out the box experience for me. Check out shots of the making of Laz into Buddha.
I learned so much that day, and I am grateful for Saisha and the Derek Blanks team allowing me to come give a helping hand!

To see more of Saisha's work visit , she is truly gifted. As far as this alter ego photo along with many others...stay tuned. Derek is doing a book with all of your favorite celebs and their alter egos, it's going to be a MUST BUY coming soon!

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