Saturday, April 3, 2010

Make up life....keeping me busy!

I have not posted in a while, why?....Thank God, I have been busy working:) I will take you back through the last month or so, and let you in on what I've been up to. More pictures and posts will soon follow.

Rihanna's make up artist, Mylah Morales, hosted a workshop at Box Eight in downtown LA. I went, and it was an amazing experience to say the least. You can check out pictures from that at Her model for the day was Chanta Patton, whom I've worked on many times before!

We shot the pilot for Stacey Dash's new reality show on Vh1 (keep your fingers crossed), it will be a great watch! I worked again with Ryan Leslie's artist, Krys Ivory, on her first music video for the song "Be Next 2 Ya" starring the very handsome Collins Pennie from the movie FAME! I worked with the talented celebrity Chef Ameera Leguex for her article in 944 Magazine, and she even brought my clients food to the set!! Another artist who is yet to be heard, but has an amazing look is Australian singer, Stephanie Sexton. Her photo shoot was dope, and the pictures are going to be crazy!

Currently, I am working on a movie with Stacey Dash along with an amazing all-star cast. I was excited to see Meagan Good, Christian Keyes, and many more from my past. Meagan Good was actually my first client for make up in Los Angeles:) I can't give up too many details on the movie, so stay tuned for details and behind the scene shots! We definitely had a great time on set.

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