Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flavor Flav ....the modern day Crypt Keeper!

Keeping busy these days has kept me from blogging so much, but I always try and give you a sneak peak into what I am working on. Last week was a lot of fun working with the hilarious Flavor Flav on a new project created by Deon Taylor called "Nite Tales". If you were a fan of Twilight Zone and Tales from The Crypt, then you will definitely like this updated rendition.

The different short stories feature some of your favorite celebrities, and it's all hosted by Flavor Flav playing the "Timekeeper". Right now it comes on station WGN in a weird time slot, but that will change soon. Take a look at some behind the scenes shots of Flav and I having fun with his character. Keep in mind he is very particular about ANYTHING on his face, so it wasn't so funny the entire time....he really made me work.

Check out the eyebrows and the wicked black nails! I hope he's still not mad at me about the Thanks for being a good sport!

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