Saturday, March 14, 2009

Actor Ronreaco Lee.......up close and personal

I had the chance to do a very laid back photo shoot with actor, Ronreaco Lee. I'm sure most of you know him from the boyfriend on "Sister Sister" back in the day, or from Joan's younger boo on a few episodes of "Girlfriends". He recently played the role of Chuck in "Madea Goes to Jail", and he is staying busy. Catch him on "In The Motherhood", a TV series that premieres March 26th on ABC!

He is a really down-to-earth, southern dude from ATL, and we had such a fun time shooting.

Congrats to him and his recent engagement to his longtime girlfriend! He planned out everything perfectly, and I got all the details:) Ladies, there are still some men out there who believe in the real thing, and they go after it!

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  1. he aint fom atl

  2. He and IMDB seem to think so...